2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Price, Models, Interior

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Price, Models, Interior – When you think of an electric vehicle, Hyundai is undoubtedly not the first name that comes to mind. Tesla has such a stranglehold on this market that it’s impossible to consider any competitors. Despite this, Hyundai has made steady development and has made significant gains toward being one of the segment’s forerunners. Compared to its predecessor, the 2024 Ioniq will have a slew of improvements. The engine has been upgraded, which offers a quicker charging rate and increased battery life. The outside of the building has been updated to appear more modern and fashionable. The infotainment system is also getting an overhaul, so the interiors get a bit of a makeover. Against the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf ranks, the new Ioniq EV will have its work cut out for it. Let’s see how this automobile stacks up against the competition.

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Exterior

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Redesign


The Ioniq’s exterior design is instantly recognizable as Hyundai. There’s no mistaking it for a Hyundai vehicle thanks to its flowing design language, curving expanded headlights, and aggressive “EV”-like grille with an italic “H.” The Ioniq isn’t the most significant device by any means. This comparison shows that the Ioniq has the best Ground Clearance and the lightest weight. Hyundai’s 15-inch wheels on the Ioniq are a bone of contention for us, even though it adds to higher fuel efficiency. The Ioniq EV has a lot of power and versatility. In addition to a new powerplant, the vehicle’s range has been improved. Both the cabin and the trunk are roomy. This vehicle’s infotainment system has a lot of useful utility functions. The outside shell has also been modernized to give it a fresher appearance. The 2024 Ioniq is an excellent option if you want to buy an electric vehicle.

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Interior


Plastics are terrible for the environment, but Hyundai has taken this fact too seriously. Individuals must do their part in saving the environment. That said, the interior materials employed by Hyundai in the Ioniq are entirely unprecedented in the automobile industry. Sugarcane fibers are used to make the soft-touch material in the cabin. Wood and volcanic stone fillers make the plastic from old recycled plastic. In addition to being lightweight and durable, the composite material eliminates the need to produce new polymers. Hyundai has taken an excellent step in the right direction, and other automobile manufacturers should follow suit.

The 8.3″ touchscreen in the base trim has been updated to a 10.3″ touchscreen in the Limited trim. The six speakers in the base trim provide a clean and balanced sound for an overall surround sound experience. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available, allowing you to connect your smartphone to your car easily. On the other hand, Sirius XM radio provides direct access to hundreds of radio stations through satellite. Splitting the screen allows you to use the navigation and the music playlist simultaneously.

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Engine

A permanent magnet synchronous motor powers the 2024 Ioniq EV. The hybrid and plug-in hybrid Ioniqs use the same motor. Last year’s model had a 28KWh battery; this year’s model has a 38.3KWh battery. The 6.6-kW onboard charger has been upgraded to a 7.2-kW unit. Hyundai uses a 100-kW fast-charging station to say that the new battery can be recharged from empty to 80 percent in just 54 minutes. This year’s Ioniq EV is more powerful than the previous year’s model, which had 118 horsepower. At 218 lb-ft, the torque is constant. Single-speed direct-drive distributes the power to the front wheels, eliminating the need for transmissions.

The Ioniq is not one of the many electric vehicles recognized for its immediate torque and swift acceleration. Compared to other electric vehicles, the Ioniq EV is one of the slowest. It takes a while for the motor to get up to speed. The hybrid Ioniq is faster than the electric Ioniq. The EV accelerates to 60 mph in 9.9 seconds, while the hybrid needs 8.9 seconds. Additional power has made the 2024 Ioniq EV a little quicker than its predecessor. However, the BMW i3, like it was last year, is still the fastest car in the group. It helps Bimmer’s case to be the lightest car in the competition.

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Engine

2024 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Price and Release Date

The Honda HR-V is expected to be on sale at the end of next year when no alterations are made for the model year 2024. The Ioniq EV trim ladder for 2024 is unchanged from last year’s model. Trim level “Electric” means “basic,” while “Limited” means “premium.” The engine is the same for both grades. Standard amenities include heated and power-adjustable mirrors, automatic wipers with two speeds, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

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